I’ve wanted to be a game developer for most of my life

One of my earliest memories when it comes to video games is my dad coming home with a Sega Mega Drive and a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog. I was amazed by it and from then on I have spent most of my life playing video games across all sorts of systems and have given pretty much every type of game a try.

Throughout all of this I have also wanted to make games and have spent a considerable amount of time reading and researching game development, even so far as going to university to study computer science just so I had more of an idea of what I was doing. Although that part of my life never panned out they way I would have liked it hasn’t stopped me from trying to build games.

In my desk draw, I have a stack of notebooks and each one has bits of game ideas scribbled in them. When I haven’t had a notebook handy it’s gone onto whatever is to hand and been filed later into one of said notebooks. Some of these ideas are mine but most are collaborative where me and friends or my brother have bounced ideas around.

Some of the simpler designs I have gone on to make and have learned things while putting them together. In the future I might well do post-mortems on these as some of the things that happened during development were kind of interesting. The bigger ones however are most of what I will be writing about including all the research and others bits required for them.

Maybe one day, one of these ideas will go on to be big and make enough money for me make more games. Maybe they’ll just be played by a few people who enjoy them. Either way, I need to get on with finally putting them together because I’d rather have a game be made that I enjoy than have it sitting around in a notebook in my desk forever.